We’re always interested in introducing new members to our chapter.  If you have information about someone who you think would be a good fit for FarmHouse, please do the following two things:

  • Fill out this form (this will enter the potential new member in our database)
  • Contact our Vice President of Recruitment, Matthew Daniel at dani2918@vandals.uidaho.edu or (208) 546-2783.

A note from the current Director of Alumni Relations, Dillon Irminger:


Dear Idaho Brothers,


287be5dThe undergraduate members of the Idaho Chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity. We know your lives are full of many things competing for your time and we appreciate you allowing FarmHouse to be among that group.  My name is Dillon Irminger the undergraduate Director of Alumni Relations. The purpose of this message is to outline just a few of the changes to our alumni relations program that will be taking place this year.  First and foremost, if you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the chapter house in the last couple of years I would highly encourage you do so. Having the opportunity to speak to our alumni can be extremely influential to our members. There are a few events this semester that we will be holding to encourage these relations. On the first Monday of every month we will be hosting a formal dinner with certain professors and university administration as special guests. If you will be in or around Moscow at these times we would love for you to come by.


Welcome to idahofarmhouse.org. This is a reliable source for detailed information pertaining to alumni events as well as information about the activities of the chapter.  One last program I am hoping to implement is an alumni big brother program. You, as alumni, are what we, as undergraduates, aspire to become.  I believe that if our members had an alumni mentor, things such as scholarship and retention would greatly improve.  If you would be interested in this please contact me.  Contact information for all chapter officers can be found under the “Contact Us” tab.  It is my intention to create a system of superb alumni relations that will maintain connections between the alumni and undergraduate members.  Once again thank you very much for your support and I hope to see you in the near future.




Dillon Irminger

Director of Alumni Relations


If you’re interested in getting in contact with the chapter, please visit our Contact Us page for a current list of chapter officers.


Password-protected Alumni Resources can be found here.  Contact the chapter for the password.