Fraternities are accused of breeding snobbishness and exclusiveness, of seeking to cast glamour over their operations by the use of Greek letters. The FarmHouse in the beginning adopted a name unique because of its originality and significance; striking because of the suggested relationship to the house that is vastly more than a mere building, the house that shelters the greatest and most democratic institution of the Western hemisphere, the American farm home — where the latch-string is always out, where the board is always full, and where hospitality is not gauged by the creed, station, or raiment of the traveler…

— From the FarmHouse Annual of 1920



FarmHouse was founded by a group of agricultural men who wanted to introduce a unique fraternity to the Greek system.  The fraternity that resulted was built upon small town morals and values, emphasizing hard work and characterized by the nine principles we uphold today: Faith, Ambition, Reverence, Morality, Honesty, Obedience, Unity, Service, and Excellence.

From the way we run our house chores, to the way we conduct our rituals and ceremonies, to the expectations and opportunities provided to the members of our fraternity, FarmHouse is committed to making sure that each and every person living in the house is respected. As is stated in the Object of our fraternity, “Progress Shall Mark Our Every Step,” in our house, at our University, in our community, and toward becoming a man, as stated by our Motto: Builder of Men.