Our Goal

At FarmHouse Fraternity, we strive for excellence in all aspects of life. Though we believe that the Greek system has many advantages outside of scholarship to offer to those who join, we also focus heavily on scholastic excellence and the continued education and scholarly success of those men in our membership.

Our Method

Our fraternity offers a number of scholarships, funded by our Housing Association and other private donors, to those members who apply and meet the requirements set by the scholarship. Many of these can help to cover the cost of living in our house, or may help to cover books or other in-semester costs.



One of the two study rooms in our chapter house


To maintain our academic goals, our fraternity employs a scholarship system for all members, as is set and maintained by the elected Director of Scholarship each semester. Our system is based upon the grade point average of each individual member, which works to encourage achievement for each of the members. The higher the grade point average, the lower the number of set study hours.

Each semester, other rewards are offered to those members who showcase academic excellence. Not only are grades evaluated at both mid-terms and finals (which may reward a reduction of study table hours with an improved grade point average), but there are also monetary semesterly rewards offered to the members who achieve the highest grade point average in the house, the member who shows the greatest improvement in grade point average, and the highest Big and Little grade point average. Additionally, we host one free to eat barbecue for members who meet a 2.5 grade point average each semester.